One Hour Dolphin Tour

Avoid the crowds!

Don't get herded on and off the big boats.

Get treated like family.

Come with us on our family sized boat.

Our one hour tour will get you up close and personal with wild Dolphins.

Cruise the homes of the rich and famous.

See Naples Bay the right way!

We keep it small

and you see it all!

Adventure Tour

Sunset Serenade

Dolphin Show

This is a one of a kind tour up close and personal to Wild Dolphins. 99% of the time they get in the wake of the boat to show off and play. Then we head in to the Mangrove Forest through an Estuary.  To a lagoon where we park the boat and walk a small foot path that opens up to a secluded Island Beach for Shelling and Swimming. After we have great photos and memories we head in to  Gordon Pass and

see some of the beautiful homes that line the

banks of Port Royal and Naples Bay.

Safe Family Fun!

Naples Boat Tours Dolphin Watching

Shelling Sightseeing Island Beach Naples Florida

Avoid the crowds!

Family Size Tour

Inches away from

Wild Dolphins

Mangrove Forest

Secluded Islands

Shelling Beaches

Naples Boat Tours Dolphin Watching

Never more than 6 people

All of our tours are by appointment only.

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Enjoy the Intimacy

of our small group size sunset tour and get up close and personal with Wild Dolphins.

Cruise the homes of the rich and famous in Port Royal.

See a stunning sunset at Gordon Pass.

Bring whatever you want to eat or drink

and make great memories to last a lifetime.

Ask about our private

and custom tours!

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Wildlife Adventure Tour

Up to six people 3hrs. $350

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Small Group Tours

Did You Know?
Like bats, dolphins use echolocation to navigate and hunt, bouncing high-pitched sounds off of objects, and listening for the echoes